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We are a tech firm created by tech enthusiasts and run by tech geeks for providing creative and efficient solutions for everyday people.

What We Do

We specialize in Domain Management, Logo & Web Designing, Domain Management and Hosting. Rather than using cookie cutter, copy and paste formats, our team fabricates your website according to your personal requirements from scratch.

Newly Introduced

Short term contracts were also introduced recently to provide support for software related issues. We deal with any application installation, OS troubleshooting/upgrades, system tune ups and any other software related issues.

Giving Back

We believe in supporting and promoting people with hidden skills and abilities. Bugware Solutions works with different communities to help them create a platform where their talents and passion can be shared and showcased with the world.
Not only that, we also give back a portion of our profits to Non-Profit Organizations and Charities as the World deserves something back for the love they have showered on us.

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Our Projects

PK Cares

An Orthosis products supplier.

Services Provided: E-commerce style for B2B. Complete hosting, designing and domain management with SSL.

PK Poly

Parent company of PK Cares. Distributors of plastic granules & Medical joints suppliers

Services Provided: Company information webpage; Desigining, hosting & management.

Animal Care Center

A trust that saves Animals from being Slaughtered.

Services Provided: Domain hosting & management

DGC Jewels

A diamond & jewellery company based in New Zealand

Services Provided: Company information webpage; Desigining, hosting & domain management.

Capitol Icon

Civil and Real Estate company of residential & commercial spaces.

Services Provided: Domain Privacy protection & hosting management

Our History


3 School-time friends gathered for a snack party as usual and thought about starting a new adventurous work.

Jainish Kothary (JK) - An Intern Gemologist
Jay Pandya (Jazzy) - Was Pursuing Information Technology
Bhumil Shah (Baba) - Was Pursuing Graduation In Civil Engineering

They Created the Firm Name Bugware Solutions. Their purpose was to solely be Tech YouTubers. They wanted to help people with solution to most common computer problems that we encounter today. They even created a YouTube Channel and started working on it. Somehow due to busy schedules related to career development they could not continue it further and the company got silent before entering the market.Further they got separated from the Bugware Solutions Team leaving Jainish only left in the team.


Jainish got an inquiry to build website for an well-established firm PK Plastics International Pvt Ltd.
He asked Ansh Patel ( Pursuing BCA ) at the time, as a part-time developer to collab with him and work on the particular project. This was the first-time when an idea to establish the firm officially came but due to no surety for long-term business from anyone the firm was not established at that time. The project was completed by both of them together in the given time frame. Team got awarded with Work Certificate.


Jainish had made a successful progress in the diamond industry. With a non-profit collaboration with a third-party company, he started helping some of his clients to buy domain and hosting for their businesses. This was a non-progressive year but Bugware Solutions developed solid ground to stand on.


Jainish received an order from DGC Jewel to get the domain & hosting renewed. He wanted to grow the company that he created and with his limited knowledge, decided to buy his own hosting plan. He ended up buying an expensive and higher than required volume. It could have been a very costly mistake for him and the company if he did not recover the amount. He knew he had to find a way soon and it was a go big or go home moment for him. He did not lose hope and believed in the company to achieve success.


Fast-forward to the worst year of the decade. COVID-19 had just started spreading throughout the world and every country had started to implement lockdown rules. Nemil Patwa, a high-school friend of Jainish, after finishing high-school in India, moved back to Canada to settle and study Computer Networking. He decided to expand his career and started learning web development courses. Through sheer luck Nemil came across Jainish's status :

"The More You Code, The More You Learn Cause Coding Is Fun"

about coding which led to them discussing. They started an online course at Harvard together. Meanwhile, Jainish gets an offer to design a website for a new startup(PK Cares) and offers Nemil to join the company. Soon after they officially registered the company in India while Nemil will operate from Canada. From May 2020 the Company "Bugware Solutions" is a registered entity with many new upcoming projects that could change the mindset of people for the way they use Internet.

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